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Gospel Life

Gospel Life classes take place on Sunday mornings, in the 9:00a hour. It's basically a fresh take on Sunday School - except these classes are specifically designed to help you apply the gospel in everyday life.

How does the gospel shape my work? My friendships? My finances? My marriage and parenting? These are the kinds of applications we're seeking in Gospel Life.


Our Late Fall 2017 offerings are:

The Art & Science of Teaching Scripture: Communicating God's Truth to Others

Teacher: Hannah Johnson

Location: Fellowship Hall

Have you ever been asked to prepare a devotional but didn't know how to begin? Or do you teach on a regular basis but would like to sharpen your communication skills? Or are you just curious to know what it looks like to prepare a Bible lesson? If so, we'd love to have you join us for this class! We'll look at ways to structure a lesson, how to connect to your audience, how to use illustrations and example effectively, and more. Each class will include a workshop time to hone your new skills.

The Wonder of Forgiveness

Teacher: Cory and Olyn Smith

Location: library

Do you marvel at forgiveness? In this class, we invite you to do just that! We will explore a biblical theology of forgiveness and consider the meaning of Jesus' often challenging teachings on forgiveness. We will aim to have our understanding, application -and even misconceptions- of forgiveness shaped by God's Word as we seek to live as forgiven people who actively forgive.