Gospel Life

Sundays 9AM-10:15am

April 7 - May 26

Come try out Gospel Life classes . . . with a twist!

Instead of multiple class options, multiple small groups will meet around church each Sunday morning, but every group will use the same book: Conversion. Books will be available for free to all who attend, Each group will read and discuss the current chapter together, so no need to read ahead of time.

When you arrive for Gospel Life, you'll find signs directing you to the different groups - take your pick!

Kids, don't forget - Gospel Life for Toddlers-8th grade begins in the gym. Tell your parents to bring you, too!

Gospel Life: Edge Kids

During the Gospel Life hour there are kids classes for toddlers-8th grade.

All kids can be dropped off and picked up in the gym. Teachers will group the children into their classes and the time will be split between time in the classroom and playing in the gym.