We Gather to Worship as a Family.

We gather every Sunday morning to focus - or refocus - on the good news of Jesus Christ. We proclaim the truth of God's Word, submitting ourselves to it, seeking to be transformed. We worship as a community, not as disconnected individuals, through music, teaching, prayer, fellowship, and the ordinances of communion and believer's baptism.

Gospel Life
(Sunday School for all ages)


Worship Service


What to Expect

Our services are typically about 90 minutes in length and involve:

Singing: We praise God and encourage one another with songs that highlight the glory of God and the gospel of Jesus Christ. We're more concerned with lyrical substance than musical style, but we seek to incorporate various musical styles as a reflection of our diversity.

Scripture Reading: We need God's Word like we need food and drink. So we value the public reading of scripture every week.

Corporate Prayer: We proclaim our dependance on God, seek His will for ourselves and our world, and ask Him for His provision.

Preaching: Our elders will preach the unchanging truths of Scripture and seek to apply the gospel to the core concerns of our lives. We typically teach through whole Bible books in an expository way.
Ordinances: We remember and celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus in tangible ways, through baptism and communion. We gather around the Lord's Table on the first Sunday of each month.

Giving: We give as a response to God's grace to extend the church's ministry to our church family, neighborhood, city, and world.
We hope you'll wear whatever makes you comfortable. You'll find plenty of people dressed fairly casually (casual shirt, jeans, skirt) and a few like to dress a little more formally (slacks, dresses). Just come as you are.


Unfortunately, our 115 year old building is not ADA accessible. However, if you need assistance with stairs, we do have an exterior chairlift that provides access between the parking lot and the sanctuary. Speak with a greeter at one of the entrances and they will be happy to assist you.

Where to find us

We are in the center of the Edgewater neighborhood of Chicago, at the corner of Hollywood and Glenwood Avenues.
You can usually find free street parking or we also have a parking lot behind the church building.